Carol Ann Mason

How to:

Find a quiet place and dream your dream.

Ask for guidance.

Listen quietly for the answers, they will always come.

Carry out the Universe's wishes with faith and persistence.

Always appreciate the small things.

Always find things to be grateful for everyday.

Above all enjoy all the abundance that life has to offer.

Manifesting an Amazing Life



Stepping into Raw

You don't have to be 100% raw to enjoy the benefits of raw food.  You just need to keep eating more and more raw food.  Just pick up an apple, have a smoothie or juice for looking good and feeling great.

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LadyTrader (UK)

Want an abundance of wealth?  One way is to invest in UK shares.  I have a day job for income, so I cant spend all time looking at a computer screen. Here I share my approach to medium term trading for capital growth. Over 5 years I have grown 15k to over 100k.  Why not join me.

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The Glass Pyramid

Matthew and Lucy discover the secret power of witch's brew.  With the help of magic potions, a glass pyramid, the great balls of light, a backward spell translator, talking flowers and an orange stoneman, they manage to travel to a far away world to rescue their Grandpa.  But there is one little problem!....

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Your Inner Genie

We all have an Inner Genie that makes our wishes come true.  That is if you know how to command it properly.   Do you want to make your wishes come true?

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Raw of Attraction

The Law of the Universe depicts that we attract things equal to our own vibrational power.  Raw food can raise your vibration enabling you to attract greater things....

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My blog about transitioning to raw in 2012.

Raw Green Delights

Discover the power of raw greens in your diet. Design your daily diet to include green juices, green smoothies, green soups, green salads and green snacks.

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